Writing in English

Few days ago, I’ve talked with somebody that has a similar problem like I had in the past. It takes her a lot of time to write a blog post in English. I hope this short post will help her and other people too.

A flashback

Some time ago I’ve realized that my English got a lot of worse than it was 5-6 years ago. At that time I was already running my own blog in Polish, so I’ve decided to start a new one – in English. But it wasn’t the first time, when I was writing a blog post in English. In the company where I’ve worked before, the boss announced that we need a blog. Since nobody wanted to take care of it – I said I could do this. After a month or two, I’ve seen an interesting comment on one of the polish IT blogs. The author mentioned he can give a tips how to write in English. I knew him from this helpful article, so I’ve sent him an email. After a short conversation I knew everything.

Hemingway Editor

He had sent me a link to HemingwayApp. This is really everything that you need to get started. It helps you to keep your sentences short and easy to read. The grade of text tells you how hard it is to understand. The lower you keep it – the easier text will be to read. I’d say 5 is fine, but if you have it over 10 you probably should work on it. I don’t use text formatting, I prefer to do it from code in WordPress. Honestly I don’t know much about it’s functionality. I look only at grade and these colorful highlights. The web version is free and it fits me, but if I’ll ever try to write a book in English, I’ll probably pay these 10$ for a desktop version.

I’ll leave you with a little inception here 😉