Pomodoro Technique

Have you ever thought how productive you are at work? What is your current time managment technique? If you don’t have one right now, have you ever tried it? Honestly, I’ve never put much effort towards that and it’s perfect time to change this. Think big, but start small. Is there any better way than ‚Pomodoro Technoque’ to start off?

What’s it’s all about?

Have you ever seen a kitchen or egg timer? Such a simple and powerful device. You can twist it to set countdown for X minutes, and it will ring after this time. That is the basic idea behind Pomodoro Technique. Pomodoro is an italian word for tomato – because most of these timers looks like tomatoes (and because the idea giver is an Italian).

A day with tomato

Single pomodoro is made of two parts:

  • 25 minutes of continuous work
  • a 5-minute break

Throughout these 25 minutes you must stay focused on a single task. After 4 pomodoros you take a 10 or 15 minutes break (up to you). You probably won’t be able to start off with slicing your whole working day into pomodoros. Start small e.g. with 4 pomodoros per day. Find a task and cut it into smaller parts – until you’re sure you can fit each part in 25 minutes.

Until you teach people to don’t interrupt you – it is gonna be hard. You always have to tell them: ‚I can’t right now, I’ll be free at X’ – the time after current pomodoro. I believe it will be a bigger problem than splitting up tasks and staying focused on them. Do you have some kind of company communicator like Skype or Lync? Maybe you could put pomodoro break times into status message?

What’s next?

There is a huge benefit you can get from pomodoro. After some time of using it, you can start counting how many pomodoros you were able to do per week. By looking into these statistics you might realize that you spend too much time on meetings? Or you’ll end up with some other interesting conclusions. I believe it’s a good entry point into time managment.

How do I plan to start using this? Well, I’ll begin with 4 pomodoros per day. Do at least 5-6 from second week and slowly increase the amount. After a month I’ll look up for app to keep track on my work (Trello might be a good option here). Hopefully I’ll be able to plan my whole week in pomodoros in third month from beginning.

You can learn more about Pomodoro Technique here