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Semantic Versioning

How many packages are you using in your current project? Have you ever occured any big problems after updating them? In most of cases – no. That’s why we use various package managers. Whether it’s NuGet for .Net or npm for JavaScript stuff. They probably need to know when they can update libraries and which […]

Pomodoro Technique

Have you ever thought how productive you are at work? What is your current time managment technique? If you don’t have one right now, have you ever tried it? Honestly, I’ve never put much effort towards that and it’s perfect time to change this. Think big, but start small. Is there any better way than […]

Writing in English

Few days ago, I’ve talked with somebody that has a similar problem like I had in the past. It takes her a lot of time to write a blog post in English. I hope this short post will help her and other people too. A flashback Some time ago I’ve realized that my English got […]


Over a half of a year ago, the author of NDepend has asked me to try out his tool. I’ve heard so much good about it, but unfortunately I hadn’t really had time back then. But he’s so cool that I’ve been given another opportunity, after 2017 version has been released. I’ve decided to test […]


Few months ago I went to the job interview. One of the final questions was:– How do you log exceptions?– I have a log folder where I store txt files with exception details and time when they occured.– You don’t use any logging framework?– Nope.– We use log4net and NLog here.– Hold on, I’ve got […]

Code Kata: Bowling Game

Maybe you’ve heard that term before, or maybe you haven’t. When I was searching for the correct words for Code Kata definition, I’ve realised I should just copy them from a web page where you can find a lot of these exercises. How do you get to be a great musician? It helps to know […]

Specification paradox

Have you ever heard about time dilation in physics? If not, you could google „Twin paradox Wikipedia”. Long story short – for the two twins born on the same day, if you send one into outer space, he will be older than his sibling that was left on earth. In software development it is possible […]